NimbleKit was acquired by Sencha inc, selling licenses is stopped until further notice

Download NimbleKitDownload & Try For Free

Download NimbleKit and try it for free. You'll need an Intel Mac, Mac OS X 10.6.2 or later, iOS SDK 4.2 (or newer), and 15 Mb free space on your Hard Drive. The free download gives you access to all of NimbleKits features and you can build and test your apps on the iOS simulator.

Download Nimblekit 1.9.9

Build Your AppBuild Your App

NimbleKit is simplicity itself to use. Create a new project in Xcode and select the "Nimblekit Application" template. Choose whether you want to build an app for iphone/iPod, iPad or a Universal application to run on both. Get help in our active user forums, check out the documentation (included in the download & available online) and view the tutorials. If you've purchased NimbleKit you'll also get code level support via email.

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Publish On The App StorePublish On The App Store

Once you're happy with your app, purchase NimbleKit to test on your iDevice and submit to the App Store. NimbleKit is a one-off cost of $99 (no subscriptions!) and as well as testing direct on your device, purchase also entitles you to receive code level support direct from the developers via email

The Web designers guide to iOS AppsThe Web Designer's Guide to iOS Apps

This book teaches web designers how to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build native iOS applications. By leveraging their existing skills, web designers can do the same specialized and content-specific work for Apple's mobile platforms as they do for the web.

By Kristofer Layon. Published by New Riders (Berkeley, CA, USA).

Xcode ScreenshotNimbleKit is the fastest way to create applications for iOS. You don't need to know Objective-C or the iOS SDK. All you need is to know how to write an HTML page with Javascript code.

Without any complicated configuration, NimbleKit easily installs in Xcode and provides you with a new "NimbleKit Project Template". Choose this template, select whether you want to build for iPhone/iPod, iPad or a universal app, then add your Html, Javascript & Images to your project. Click "Build and Run", and your application instantly launches in the iPhone/iPad simulator.

Fully Featured

  • iOS 6 support!
  • Native iOS interface elements
  • iAds support
  • Full control of application appearance
  • Database support
  • Play bundled audio files
  • Play audio streams from the Internet
  • Play bundled or streamed video
  • Supports iPhone vibration
  • Supports Address Book with full search and people picker
  • Native iPhone/iPad Table Views
  • Access to bundled files
  • Check Internet availability
  • Location services (GPS)
  • Access to images (take photo or browse in library)
  • Multi button dialog sheets
  • Map Kit support
  • In-App purchase
  • Ability to mix Javascript and Objective-C
  • Download files from internet
  • plus much more...

Download NimbleKit Download NimbleKit now and try it for yourself free of charge.